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Dakota River Reed is the alter ego of T.S. Tappin, and just like T.S. Tappin's books, DRR's books are for ages 18 and up.

Brown Eyed Boy cover DRR EBOOK.jpg

brown-eyed boy

When your rock star career gets to be a little too much, you run away to a small town...

Short Story for Hear Me Out Charity Anthology: A Hype Girl Squad Discord Event

Trope Flip: Female Rockstar

Anthology out February 6th, 2024

Proceeds to go to First Book Canada

Unarmed Official Ebook Cover 8x5.jpg

unarmed :
an enders novel

Her uncle taught her how to never be a victim again. Instead of being the prey, she became the hunter.

Trope: Female assassin falls for her mark

Out: TBD

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